My Genesis

It was summer 2017, and I was 15 years old learning at a summer cryptography camp at Princeton University where I had discovered the abstract concept known as Bitcoin. I had always found an interest in everything finance from stocks, cash, or anything that held value, even if I couldn’t physically see its value. Despite this, nothing compared to my love for tech starting in my infancy, ranging from computers, phones, and drones. I was that techy kid everyone’s grandma came for help with their computers, internet issues, and everything in between. Despite being obsessed with technology, my venture into computer science and everything coding was short-lived. Around this time in middle school was when I also became exposed to the markets. Discovering the concept of traders exchanging financial assets for cash and even other assets grasped my detail-oriented way of thinking. I quickly fell in love with trading after being given money, learning to trade different stocks, following earnings reports and the usual. All of which was under my parent’s information given my age of-course. Simaltenauosuly, as part of my personal preference, I grew uninterested in the idea of learning to code. I found it very tedious and time-consuming, which could also be said about the markets to a degree while there is always an unknown and random factor involved in trading. (Show me a financial model or algorithm that forecasted Elon Musk’s involvement and influence in the crypto market). I quickly stopped my coding adventure and shifted to the more significant bigger picture business finance aspect of technology. Hence, Knox Capital LLC, my first business as a crypto hedge fund came to light. Combining my years in the stock market and the crypto market together, filled with its niches, quirks, and features.


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Dmitry Knox

Founder of Knox Capital LLC, with several years of experience as a stock and crypto trader. In addition to extensive knowledge of blockchain and technology.